Cavesson Marjoman light brown with...
Cavesson Marjoman light brown with...
Cavesson Marjoman light brown with...
Cavesson Marjoman light brown with...
Cavesson Marjoman light brown with...
Cavesson Marjoman light brown with...

Cavesson Marjoman light brown with bosal function

High-quality, light brown, leather cavesson with a chain in the noseband softly padded with foam, designed for groundwork, longeing, work in hand and riding with additional bosal function. Cavesson is available in two sizesCob and Full with a large possibility of adjustment, with brass buckles. The noseband rings are black in all color options.  Cavesson has a bosal function: there are 2 D-rings on the chin strap for attaching reins, or a lead rope while leading a horse on a cavesson

Buckle colour
VAT included


Light brown cavesson with a chain in the noseband (also known as a caveçoncavecon or French style cavesson) with a bosal function custom made for The Art of Riding Store in Spain by renown saddlery Marjoman, from the top quality vegetable tanned bovine leather. Two sizes (Cob and Full) have great possiblity of adjustment from Cob to Xfull, the buckles for adjusting the length are on both sides of the head. Light brown cavessons are available with brass buckles. Cavesson additionally has two D-rings on the chin strap, to which you can attach the reins like a bosal, or a lead rope, if you do not want to attach the rope to the middle ring of the noseband. The bosal function makes it possible to ride with two reins, then one of the reins is attached to the outer cavesson rings, and the other to the bosal rings.

The noseband with a bicycle-like chain that conforms to the shape of the nose is trimmed with soft leather with additional foam padding on the nose side for comfort of sensitive horses. In all colour options, the metal noseband rings are black. The middle ring is used for groundwork, including longeing. The two outer noseband rings are used when working from the saddle or in hand. These rings are not intended for attaching auxiliary reins during longeing!

The width of the leather straps is 16 mm. The throat latch straps are permanently sewn, so they do not move during work, as is the case with many cavessons available on the market.

You can watch a video about the cavesson by clicking the "Play videos" button under product pictures. In the movie I show how to measure your horse and how to adjust the cavesson on the example of two horses. You can also find the link to the movie here:

Below, is the range of strap length adjustment for Cob size and Full size. Measure A is the length from the noseband on one side above the horse's ears to the noseband on the other side, measure B is the length of the throat latch straps, measure C is the circumference of the noseband measured on the inside of the noseband.

Sizes: (see last picture)

Measure A

Full 95-115 cm (10 cm adjustable on each side)

Cob 85-105 cm (10cm adjustable on each side)

Measure B

Full 56-64 cm (8 cm adjustable)

Cob 51-59 cm (8 cm adjustable)

Measure C

Full 61-69 cm (8 cm adjustable)

Cob 57-65 cm (8 cm adjustable)

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