Rope red with steel snap
Rope red with steel snap
Rope red with steel snap

Rope red with steel snap

Hand-made cotton rope for gymnastic groundwork and longeing on a cavesson, e.g. by Academic Art of Riding or Straightness Training methods, but not only. Rope length: 3.4 m, rope thickness: 12 mm, colour: red, durable snap hook: stainless steel, 6.5 cm long. The rope is made of 100% cotton without the addition of artificial fibers. The rope is soft to the touch, but at the same time durable and does not stretch, rope has a cotton core (it isn't hollow). You are buying the rope shown in the picture.

A rope at a reduced price due to the fact that it is slightly shorter than the standard 3.5m.

VAT included


The rope fits well in the hand, it is not too long, so it does not get tangled. It's perfect for groundwork at close distance and for academic longeing. The rope is also great for walks with a horse. The rope is finished with a knot, which prevents it from slipping out of your hand. The snap hook is comfortable and can be easily fastened with one hand. I do not recommend tying the horse on this rope because of the very strong snap hook which does not break under stress, unlike zinc alloy snap hooks usually used in lead ropes.

How to care for the rope? The rope is made of 100% cotton, so it can be washed by hand using detergents for delicate colored fabrics.

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