Volume 3 Longe work
Volume 3 Longe work
Volume 3 Longe work
Volume 3 Longe work
Volume 3 Longe work
Volume 3 Longe work
Volume 3 Longe work
Volume 3 Longe work
Volume 3 Longe work
Volume 3 Longe work

Volume 3 Longe work

Müller Rüschlikon Verlag

A book from the Academic Art of Riding series, Volume 3 Longe work written in English and German. The book is devoted to academic longing. The individual chapters of the book have been written by recognized Academic Art of Riding trainers. In the book you will find many practical tips, you will learn how to start your adventure with longing, how to solve the most common problems during longing, how to communicate effectively with a horse at a distance and much more.

Academic longing is not thoughtless chasing a horse around a circle, but a sophisticated art of communication with the horse. There is a reason why it is often compared to the dance of two partners.

VAT included


Cover: Hardcover

Editor: Bent Branderup

Number of Pages: 224

ISBN: 978-3-275-02130-7

Date of publication: 01/2019

Dimensions: 23 cm x 31 cm


1. Anna Eichinger (Austria) Editorial

2. Celina Harich (Germany) Why longeing Is Not So Easy - A Starter Package for Longeing

3. Kathrin Branderup-Tonnous (Denmark) The Academic Toolbox - The Longe

4. Marius Schneider (Germany) Correct Positioning via Crossover Work

5. Claudia Strauß (Germany) Embark on a Journey of Discoveries - at Eye Level

6. Geraldine Schnapperelle (Germany) Communication and Body Language Training for the Trainer

7. Imke Eisenschmidt (Germany) The Longe as a Bridge for Delivery Your Own Message

8. Yvonne Heynckes (Germany) It lies in our Hands Working with the Longe

9. Janna Behrens (Germany) Two Dancers and a Longe

10. Kathrin Branderup-Tonnous (Denmark) In Search of the Art of Riding

11. Maja Casparsen (Denmark) Improve Your Body Language to Dance with Horses

12. Christofer Dahlgren (Sweden) The Secret of Success on the Longe

13. Hanna Engström & Elisabeth Krogh (Sweden) Develop as a longeing trainer - use a human horse!

14. Anna Eichinger (Austria) The Circle, Balance and Positioning Problems

15. Camilla Frisell & Maria Norberg (Sweden) Two Trainers - Seven Horses

16. Anna Eichinger (Austria) Final Good Thoughts Why I Will Accept "No" for an Answer

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