Volume 2 Groundwork
Volume 2 Groundwork
Volume 2 Groundwork
Volume 2 Groundwork
Volume 2 Groundwork
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Volume 2 Groundwork
Volume 2 Groundwork
Volume 2 Groundwork
Volume 2 Groundwork
Volume 2 Groundwork

Volume 2 Groundwork

Müller Rüschlikon Verlag

A book from the Academic Art of Riding series, Volume 2 Groundwork written in English and German. The book is devoted to academic groundwork. The individual chapters of the book have been written by recognized Academic Art of Riding trainers and contain many practical tips on working from the ground, useful even for people who are starting their adventure with Academic Art of Riding or who on a daily bases train in a different way. This book is an answer to the questions of how and why to work with a horse from the ground.

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In the book you will find information on: aids used when working from the ground, equipment used in groundwork, various positions of leading a horse, body language, further development of the topic of communication with a horse (more in volume 1), you will also learn how to stimulate our and the horse's intrinsic motivation to work together and much more.

Academic groundwork is an extremely useful way of training. In young horses, after the initial training stage consisting in the development of bonds, relationship and communication with human (volume 1, Horsemanship), begins the stage of gymnastic groundwork, during which the human and the horse learn to use aids and perform specific exercises, which will later be applied from the saddle (volume 4, Riding In within the academic art of riding).

Cover: Hardcover

Editor: Bent Branderup

Number of Pages: 224

ISBN: 978-3-275-02122-2

Date of publication: 01/2019

Dimensions: 23 cm x 31 cm


1. Anna Eichinger (Austria) Editorial

2. Celina Harich (Germany) Starter Package Ground Work

3. Kathrin Branderup-Tannous (Denmark) The Academic Toolbox - The Cavesson

4. Anna Eichinger (Austria) About the Development of Ground- and Handwork

5. Celina Harich (Germany) Flow in Ground Work

6. Marius Schneider (Germany) Backwards Full Speed ​​Ahead

7. Annika Keller (Germany) Walking Backwards and Its Pitfalls

8. Ylvie Fros (Netherlands) Nicole Larivière (France) Centered Ground Work

9. Marion van de Klundert (The Netherlands) Body Language in Ground Work

10. Pia Haas (Germany) Ground Work for Mental & Physical Balance

11. Interview with Bent Branderup (Denmark) In Search of the Art of Riding

12. Anna Eichinger (Austria) Ground Work and Sense of Timing

13. Kathrin Branderup-Tannous & Bent Branderup (Denmark) Finding Each Other

14. Stine Larsen (Norway) Biomechanics: Muscles and the Issue of Team Work

15. Kathrin Branderup-Tannous (Denmark) Final Good Thoughts Learning from Children

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