Volume 1 Horsemanship
Volume 1 Horsemanship
Volume 1 Horsemanship
Volume 1 Horsemanship

Volume 1 Horsemanship

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Book from the Academic Art of Riding series, Volume 1 Horsemanship written in English and German. The individual chapters of the book have been written by recognized Academic Art of Riding trainers and are devoted to the basic education of the horse and rider, which should take place before we even begin gymnastic training. It focuses largely on the relationship and communication between the horse and rider, but also on the practical aspects of the initial training phase.

VAT included


Cover: Hardcover

Editor: Bent Branderup

Number of Pages: 192

ISBN: 978-3-275-02095-9

Publication date: 11/2017

Dimensions: 23 cm x 31 cm


1. Jossy Reynvoet (Belgium) "When Two Become One"

2. Monica Sanders (Sweden) "Your Thoughts Matter"

3. Quint Schneider (Germany) "Academic Horse"

4. Anna Eichinger (Austria) "The Academic Ladder"

5. Marion van de Klundert (The Netherlands) "Process or Progress?"

6. Hanna Engström (Sweden) "Is It All About Perfection?"

7. Kathrin Branderup-Tannous (Denmark) "A Journey to the Art of Riding"

8. Christofer Dahlgren (Sweden) "What Is Your Horse's Spirit?"

9. Dörte Bialluch (Portugal) "Who Will Take the Lead?"

10. Kathrin Branderup-Tannous (Denmark) "The Academic Toolbox - The Halter"

11. Marius Schneider (Germany) "Basic Education with Heart and Soul"

12. Yvonne Heynckes (Germany) "Academic" Natives ""

13. Katrin Wallberg (Sweden) "It Is Never Too Late"

14. Stine Larsen (Norway) "Biomechanics for Better Horsemanship"

15. Anna Eichinger (Austria) "Final Good Thoughts"

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